REGISTER ONLINE!  Starting Monday, June 1st through Friday, July 31st, children ages 0 to 12 years old may sign up for the Summer Reading Club at or using the free Read Squared app

READ!  Books, magazines, e-books, graphic novels and even listening to books on all counts toward summer reading!  Read at your own pace and track the number of minutes you read all summer long by signing into your Read Squared account at or on the Read Squared app.

PLAY BINGO! Complete 5 different activities in a row on your online Bingo card on Read Squared to get a Bingo!

EARN POINTS! 1 minute read = 1 point. Log your reading on Read Squared to earn points and complete Bingos to earn bonus points! Every 100 points will move you up a level. Complete all 10 levels or earn 1,000 points to finish the program.

UNLOCK BADGES! Unlock digital badges, fun mini games, and stories as you level up! You’ll also unlock 5 digital raffle tickets for one of the grand prizes for every level you reach.  

KEEP READING!  The more minutes you read, the more digital raffle tickets earned, and the better your chance to win one of the grand prizes at the end of the summer! 

GRAND PRIZES! This year’s grand prizes are a Kindle Fire Kids Edition, Giant Dragon Stuffed Animal, an Outdoor Activities Gift Basket, a 18’’ wheel Bike, a 20’’ wheel Bike, and a Steer and Stoll Trike!

FUN PROGRAMS!  In addition to the Summer Reading Club, Way Public Library has planned a variety of special online events for children to enjoy. Check our Events page or the Library’s Facebook page to see all the latest online programs!